Business Continuity

Businesses today have IT and Telecoms at the heart of their business. Any disruption to these services can have an adverse affect on the business…

High availability of data is at a premium for most business in todays market.  A loss of connectivity, means a loss of income and perhaps a further major impact on business…  The recovery from the failure of hardware/software or perhaps an unpredicted act of god is high on everyones agenda, but the importance sometimes isn't realised until it happens… what would you do with out your critical data? MCi 4 Service can help…


Data Backup

We can provides facilities for Online, Onsite and Offsite Backups for Businesses depending on your business needs.  Should something minor happen to your data, we can remotely restore the files and in the event of a major incident such as flood damage, fire or burglary we can still help you access your data.  This solution will ensure that you are compliant with your insurance policy.

Learn more about Ditto Files here…


Email Continuity

MCi 4 Service can provide email continuity services that deliver always-on, seamless email availability through automatic service failover and failback in near real-time during an email outage. It integrates so seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook that your employees will just carry on using email safely and securely – whether the email outage is planned or not…


Server Replication - MARV

MCi 4 Service can provide a real-time server replication service either locally or at a remote site depending on your requirements.  If you have the budget, MCi 4 Service can install and set up a backup server using VEEM which will kick in should your primary server fail.  If your budget won't stretch to a second server, we can also provide server replication to USB drive whereby all of the servers functions are captured and can be fired up on a standard desktop, laptop or old server whilst the primary server is fixed.





Disaster Recovery Testing

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