Cloud Hosted Services

MCi 4 Service can help migrate your infrastructure away from physical on premise hardware.  We can provide Cloud Servers, Cloud Hosted Desktops and even Hosted Communication Services.

We recognise that the cloud isn't necessarily the right thing for every company as a complete service, but we look to help our customers define a blend of physical hardware, virtualised devices and cloud support that suits their needs…

Benefits to using Cloud as part of your Infrastructure:

  • Overall Cost Reduction
  • A more manageable desktop environment
  • Ability to provision PCs and other devices with software from a central location
  • More secure desktop environment
  • Provides greater flexibility/control over desktop resources
  • Simpler deployment of patches and upgrades
  • Stretch hardware resources beyond normal lifespan
  • Reduce on-site support requirements
  • Support business continuity/disaster recovery initiatives
  • Ability to run multiple operating systems
  • Reduce application deployment timeframes
  • Minimize application conflicts
  • Simplify/foster management of mobile/remote workforce and business partners
  • Support green IT initiatives

MCi 4 Service can provide the following Services:

  • Office 365 Implementation & Migration
  • Physical to Cloud migration
  • Hosted Storage
  • Hosted Servers
  • Hosted Desktop Solutions

Get in touch and see where Cloud Services might help your business today...

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