IT Support

We provide IT Support that is flexible to our clients' requirements.  Our support team can act as an "in-house" IT Team carrying out everyday maintenance, infrastructure upgrades and project planning where there are no IT employees, or function as one or several parts of your IT team such as the helpdesk, server maintenance or print management etc


MCi 4 Service's IT Support team monitor 1000's of devices for our clients remotely from our head office in Sheffield. Anything that our on premise client detects, whether it be a hardware or software fault, minor or even critical, is flagged to the helpdesk to address. A lot of the time issues are fixed without our clients even noticing.


Our IT Support Help Desk is staffed during office hours and is the first point of call for any issue that may arise.  If the problem cannot be fixed through guidance over the phone by the IT Service Desk, we will provide Remote IT Support or On-site IT Support should it be called for.




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