Managing Your IT When An Employee Leaves

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In the early stages of a new year, staff turnover is common as people look for a change after the busy period. While businesses must cope with the upheaval of finding a replacement and training new members of staff, there is also the challenge of ensuring that your company IT is safeguarded in the wake of an employee leaving. But where do you start?

Handover Important Files

Before your employee leaves the company for good, you need to conduct a thorough handover, not just of their duties and workload, but of key digital files and documents needed for their role. Any files stored locally on their machines should be removed and transferred to a different machine, or better still, transferred to a cloud storage provider so that the necessary people can access them. Make sure you have all important documents in a place you can access them, rather than expecting to find them further down the line.

Change Passwords

No matter how trustworthy the employee in question is, your priority should be changing all passwords for every account that the employee in question had access to. This can be a lengthy process, but if you have a record of the accounts it should be a simple process. You need to limit the chances of data leaks, or damages to business reputation, but you can also eliminate the chances that your ex-employees will be responsible. Leaving passwords unchanged makes it harder to pinpoint exactly where data breaches have happened.

Backup Emails and Remove Accounts

You may need to delete ex-employees’ accounts in order to free up a licence for a new employee. In which case, you will need to download their recent emails (or emails from a while back if necessary) so as not to lose important correspondence or information. You should also check that those correspondents know that the employee has left the company and provided with a new point of contact.

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