Embedding IT Security in Your Company Culture

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IT security should be a priority for your company, but helping your employees to this is not an easy task.

You will need to make changes to your entire working culture by introducing set rules and structures in the form of a comprehensive IT policy, but ensuring this is carried out, and becomes an integral part of your company ethos can be difficult. Here are some key ways that you can manage a shift towards good IT security practice, while making it as simple and effective as possible for your whole organisation…

Set Security Goals

To ensure your organisation is as secure as possible, you need to assess where your company is at right now with regards to current processes, then determine where you’d like to get to. Making a general effort to improve security will result in oversights and potential missteps. If you know which areas you need to improve, and which areas you need to build from the ground up, you can start to prioritise and work out budgets. Speak to different department managers to find out how each part of your company is handling data and IT security and you should get a good idea of the practicalities and logistics. From here you can set your security goals, and set realistic time scales for implementation.

Communicate Effectively

Once you have an idea of the way your company operates with regards to IT processes, and then set your goals, you can start to look at how this will fit in with you company culture. Your culture is defined by the people that work there, their work ethic and their habits when at work. To make changes to this, you need to be able to communicate your expectations and any new ways of working in a way that your team will engage with, and in a way that fits in with your current culture. You need to avoid a situation where all of your plans and expectations are in place, but are not carried out due to poor communication or lack of staff motivation.

Practice Good Management

Awareness among your organisation is important, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your team will carry out the new practices. To ensure compliance throughout your whole company, you need to clearly state the reasons why you are implementing new security practices, the ways in which you are expecting your team to change their behaviours and provide support should this not be carried out. Provide comprehensive training, and give your team help if they are struggling to keep on top of it.

Be Realistic

In overhauling your IT security practices, you may fundamentally be changing the way your organisation works. You can lay out your expectations clearly, and set achievable targets and time frames, but you need to account for slight resistance from your team and time to adapt. Strong leadership and a good example set from the top down will ease the transition for your team, with the addition of being open to communication and feedback, which is vital to helping your organisation adapt to change.

MCi4Service Managing Director Oz Hetherington explains how we help companies overhaul their IT policies and integrate them effectively into their work structure:

“When onboarding any Managed IT Support company, we review their current practices, audit their systems from top to bottom to ensure they meet the policies. We also suggest other ways in which they can ensure that their systems and processes meet their expectations of their support”.

If you would like to talk to one of our consultants about your company’s IT policy needs, please get in touch – we’d love to chat!

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