Why Your Company Needs Encryption

Encryption adds a much needed level of security to your organisation, but how does it work in practice?

Encryption has always been important for businesses, especially where personal data is being transferred between servers, or physically transported via USB or laptops. For companies in the financial and legal industries, encryption is an excellent tool for protecting sensitive data. The ICO has been issuing fines to businesses for mishandling of data for a number of years, however GDPR has put a bigger spotlight on the issue of data security. GDPR has fundamentally changed the way companies handle their clients’ data, and has prompted most businesses to re-evaluate their day-to-day security practices. Encryption is a practical and nonintrusive way of protecting data, and hides content behind lock and key. Data that is encrypted is scrambled and is only decipherable by individuals who have the matching key code. With so much information being stored online in the cloud or on shared servers, it’s vital that you have a system in place to keep track of this information and keep it private – especially when handling information that doesn’t belong to your company. Continue Reading

Why Your Business Needs Office365

All businesses rely on robust software to help their team work efficiently and keep their company running and we’re often asked by our clients for our recommendations on software.

Depending on their requirements, we often direct them straight to Office365. Not only are most office productivity tools included in the suite, but there are many features which you may not be aware of that could greatly improve your company’s efficiency.

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Managing Your IT When An Employee Leaves

In the early stages of a new year, staff turnover is common as people look for a change after the busy period. While businesses must cope with the upheaval of finding a replacement and training new members of staff, there is also the challenge of ensuring that your company IT is safeguarded in the wake of an employee leaving. But where do you start?

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